My Church of Bible Understanding Story.

November 10, 2008

Everyone who was in the Church of Bible Understanding has a story. This is mine.

Some say COBU is a “destructive cult.” But how? These pages might help answer that question. The parts of the story can be read by going to the links under the heading for pages at the right of this page.

I have rewritten the contents of this blog and published it as a book, called Captive Congregation: My Fourteen Years in the Church of Bible Understanding, which is available as a Kindle book or in paperback.

I wrote this book after left the church. But, when I was there, I kept journals, which can be read at the links below.

A Day In The Life Of A Cult Member.

The Tangled Web.

And SInners In The Hands Of An Angry Cult Leader.

Stories by other ex-members of COBU and the FF: COBU Stories.



For the first ten years of my membership in the Church of Bible Understanding, I believed the claims of the organization and the reasons that were given for everything that was done there. The blinders came off through some painful experiences. I am glad now that these things happened to me – though I was not happy about it at the time. If these things had not happened, I would probably still be there, having given up everything to serve the plans of a so-called pastor who is the leader of one of the worst mind-control cults in modern times.

Groups like the Church of Bible Understanding have existed in the past. I was eventually to learn that by studying the history of the Christian religion, particularly the history of Christianity in the America. America has always been a fertile breeding ground for religion. For religion of the genuine kind, but also for the worst possible aberrations and misrepresentations of Christianity, in which message of the Bible is twisted to mean things never intended by the Author and used to promote the financial, egoistic and sexual designs of those who start these organizations.

Finding out that we were not unique was one of the things that helped me to leave. The other groups I read about certainly were cults. It was obvious. And we were just like them. I was amazed at the similarities.

In time, I came to realize that I needed to leave the Church of Bible Understanding and that it was God’s will for me to leave, and I did. This was considered to be utter nonsense and a sign that I was losing my mind – if not outright rebellion and rejecting God – by my fellow church members. How could God be showing me to leave God’s true church? I tried to speak up about what was wrong there and about what God was showing me and no one would consider anything I had to say.

But my main struggle was not against other church members. It was to decide whether what I saw and became aware of was just the “devil putting thoughts in my head,” or whether my perceptions were real. It was an intense struggle, one that was to take me four years to be able to reach a conclusion.

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